Author Patricia Renard Scholes tells a raw and powerful story of a young woman whose homeworld is enslaved. The invaders, the Nevians, dominate and exploit her people, but even worse are the Molochs, non-corporeal beings that control the minds and souls of those who have unusual Talents. Karra herself was so talented that a Moloch took an interest in her as a young child, and has drawn her deeper and deeper into a terrible and beautiful life, where it can feed on her suffering and hatred. Now Karra has a daughter, and Karra will do anything to protect her.

The world-building here is haunting and the characters will stay with you. I highly recommend this book.

~L.K. Malone, Author of Mirror of N'De

Ms. Renard-Scholes has created a dystopian society that is both dark and compelling. The alien Nevian race has invaded the earth and forced the humans to live under their rule as little more than slaves. The story is centered upon Karra, a poor human who has been possessed by an evil entity. As she desperately tries to keep her child safe, she is used by both the demon and her brother, Jem.
This is a complex story with many interwoven threads as Karra goes on the run after killing a Nevian. She begins to appreciate another, higher-ranking Nevian after he places her under his protection yet she still doesn't trust him. Slowly she begins to realize the voice inside her head belongs to a demon and that her brother doesn't have her well-being at heart.
As I understand it, this is the first part of an ongoing series and while there is an ending to Her Darkest Beauty there are questions left unanswered.
If you like dark sci-fi, you will enjoy Ms. Renard-Scholes novels.
~R. E. M.