Winter's Fist, An Alien Invasion Story, The First Generation

A planet under invasion. An unstoppable alien military. One girl with a plan to restore humanity’s last hope.

Chalatta watches in horror as the aliens’ battle wing takes out her entire family. She flees the carnage, but the destruction doesn’t stop there. Foraging westward, she encounters village after village that has fallen to thundering weapons and blazing death.

She teaches the survivors the Ancient Path, the way to use the land as a refuge. This single skill will protect humanity even after the aliens conquer the planet. But she needs time to prepare others for the way to hide their culture in plain sight. No time exists.

Winter’s Fist, a first-generation alien invasion story, sets the stage for the strange world in which the occupation begins. If you like wartime resistance tales, you’ll love award-winning Patricia Renard Scholes’ offworld twist. We are never as helpless as it seems.

Get Winter’s Fist and become the planet’s first line of defense today.