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Winter's Fist

A planet under invasion. An unstoppable alien military. One girl with a plan to restore humanity’s last hope.

Chalatta watches in horror as the aliens’ battle wing takes out her entire family. She flees the carnage, but the destruction doesn’t stop there. Foraging westward, she encounters village after village that has fallen to thundering weapons and blazing death.

She teaches the survivors the Ancient Path, the way to use the land as a refuge. This single skill will protect humanity even after the aliens conquer the planet. But she needs time to prepare others for the way to hide their culture in plain sight. No time exists.

Winter’s Fist, a first-generation alien invasion story, sets the stage for the strange world in which the occupation begins. If you like wartime resistance tales, you’ll love award-winning Patricia Renard Scholes’ offworld twist. We are never as helpless as it seems.

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Her Darkest Beauty

A perfect assassin. A mind-controlling alien. Humanity caught in the crosshairs.

Karra hopes that the recent assassination job will be her last. Her life is not safe enough for her to raise her daughter. But something too large and dark inside her head prevents her from loving others, even he own daughter. The entity that has controlled her since childhood refuses to relinquish its grip on her exquisite violence.

As Karra wars against her internal captor, the alien race orchestrates its takeover of the entire planet. To fight back against impossible odds, Karra must master her alien parasite and learn how to defeat it. Does it even have a weakness to exploit? If she fails in her mission, the alien will use her as an example as the way to make all humanity their slaves, including her precious little girl.

Her Darkest Beauty is the first book in The Second-Generation Alien Invasion Series. If you like tough-as-nails assassins, strange new worlds, and battles of the mind, then you’ll love award-winning Patricia Renard Scholes’ battle for humanity. Don’t miss a single beat of this struggle for freedom.

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Steps of the Dance

A child destined to save her people. An alien determined to pervert her. A father desperate to keep his little girl safe. 

Born with unique abilities to save her people, Tadessa must learn all she can from her father. Because someday one of the alien entities will find her. Either she will be strong enough to defeat it, or it will possess her, and through her dominate the whole planet.

Her father uses a physical form of defense called the Dance. As she learns each step, she also understands more about her purpose. She excels in control the huge flow of energy coursing through her, especially when to refrain from using it.

Amazed with her talents, he realizes his special daughter will eventually be able to do anything required of her. But the aliens edge ever closer. No time remains.


Can you wait a couple of months for this one? Updated content, new cover. It will be amazing!

Power in the Dance

The Zocassari wants her. Powerful, enticing, persuasive, and filled with darkness, “That Which Should Not Exist” hates her as much as it wants to own her. It lusts after her abilities, which are far greater than the being it now controls. It pushes the man it inhabits to search for the girl.

Tadessa, the Daughter of Promise, is coming into her own. She has mastered the steps of the Dance. All that remains is refinement of her inherent power. She has seen glimpses the entity that controls her uncle. Its potent greed to possess her shakes her to her core. She hides from it, even though someday she will need to face that evil beast.


I hate to make you wait, but I want this to be my best work, so I'm re-editing this book. It will also have a new cover.

Her Alias

Trapped once again into the persona her brother gave her, Karra now lives with the man, the High Commissioner of Sector, who would order her death if he knew her real identity. 

Trapped into a life she wanted to refuse, she must betray her husband and daughter in order to stay alive. 

Trapped by her brother into spying on the High Commissioner, she must betray this man who loves her alias.

Trapped by her love for the Commissioner, she must betray herself if she is ever to gain freedom from her past.


The conclusion of this series will be out by the end of the year. What an amazing ending! 

Her Dark Inheritance

This very Talented child is in danger. A gang of Blades would use Tadessa for her ability to "fight like the wind." Her Uncle Jem, her mother's brother, would use her as leverage against her mother. But worst of all are the Zocassari - Those Who Should Not Exist - evil entities who would subvert her abilities and force her to serve them. So her father must keep her hidden in the Area, a slum of filth and danger, while he teaches her to stand on her own.

Karra, her mother, is also in danger. Her brother Jem has placed her, under the name of Laren, into her enemy's home. Once High Commissioner Del A'nden finds out who she really is, he will kill her.

The forces against them are too strong and too numerous. They haven't a chance to overcome them. 


The wedding of the century--maybe. This will be my Christmas special. Be the first to get this touching story.

The Purists

He proposes. She accepts. The Purists attack and to hold her hostage until their demands are met.